Drug Recall

Medicines are thoroughly tested to check their safety and effectiveness before it is made available to customers. The drugs that are produced are continuously monitored to find out if there are any unforeseen problems along the way. If problems are encountered with the drug, or negative side effects begin to manifest, a drug recall may be announced. If the safety of the drug is in question, then it has to be pulled from the shelves.download ARQ 2016 movie now

When is a Drug Recall Initiated?T2 Trainspotting 2017 movie streaming

A drug recall takes place when either the prescription or over-the-counter medicine is taken off the market. This is because it has been found defective or potentially harmful. At times, the maker of the drug might also find some problem with further testing of the drug and may recall it voluntarily. At other times the medicine is recalled by the government after it has received reports of problems from the public.

The Reasons Drugs are Recalled

There are several factors that lead to the recall of a drug. Here is a list of some common reasons associated with drug recalls:

If it is a health hazard: It is very unfortunate that there are serious health risks that are related to the use of some medications which are not obvious until the medicine has been extensively used. In the year 2000, the medicines that contained the drug phenylpropanolamine (PPA), were recalled after it was found out that PPA increased the risk of stroke. Another example of this is the weight loss drug Meridia. This drug was recalled due to finding that it was linked to increased stroke and heart attack.

If it is poorly packed or improperly labeled: There have been instances where a medicine is recalled due to unclear or confusing instructions on the label. There have also been recalls links to improper dosing instructions on the label.

If it is potentially contaminated: When a medicine is being produced or when it being distributed it may get contaminated through accidental exposure to both non-harmful as well as harmful substances.

If it is not what it says: When you are ingesting a medicine you expect it to be focused on a particular ailment. There have been recalls linked to misrepresentation from manufacturers. This is primarily due to rushing through the testing phase and expediting the go to market launch. These drugs may somewhat treat the sickness you are wanting handled but they also have components that impact much different biological areas.

If it is poorly manufactured: When a certain drug has a manufacturing defect that is related to the purity, quality and potency of the product then it might lead to the drug being recalled.

Many dietary supplements have been recalled in the year 2015 from the market for a plethora of reasons. If you have taken a prescription drug that have been recalled, you should immediately contact your doctor to see if you have been exposed to any possible negative side effects. Most of the time medical stores will at minimum give you a refund for the recalled prescription.


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